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About us

Aknan Consultants Construction. ENG. &MGT is one of the most important advisory firms that have multi-disciplines in the fields of Engineering, Planning and Advisory Services that contribute directly and positively in the development process.

This architectural entity has the engineering expertise and skills that allows it to provide all services in the fields of Engineering and Planning, & seeking in the current period to communicate with fellow engineering offices in the developed countries to provide a distinct source of the multidisciplinary advisory and thus represents a bridge to connect between the needs of developing Countries and the civilization of the developed countries.

Aknan Consultants Construction. ENG. &MGT has provided its significant advisory services within the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia; it seeks to expand its services in the Arab Gulf region and North Africa for many clients of the two sectors (private and governmental). and is currently providing advisory services within Saudi Arabia

Aknan Consultants Construction. ENG. &MGT gained are putation in the fields of construction, housing and architecture, through its expertise in these fields, which include a number of important projects through their distinctive designs which combine being economic and practical with beauty and architecture.

Our Mission

We provide our Engineering Consultancies with continuous development and
rapid achievements to build our clients’ dreams in KSA and the Middle East.

Our Vision

To be one of the top ten firms with a hundred employees, the best hundred clients and with the ten most important projects in KSA and the Arabian Gulf, having international partners and
keeping up with new technologies in the building information systems.

Our Fields

The work fields of AKNAN ENGINEERING include all fields of Architecture and Planning such as Feasibility
studies, Design, Projects Management and Supervision of Implementation and study of technical issues and
arbitration. These fields cover all types of projects ( Public facilities – roads and airports –
hotels and hospitals – educational facilities – theater & sports facilities –
administrative and commercial facilities –
residential buildings – interior design – mosques – urban design and planning.

Our Team

AKNAN Engendering team has experts related to every area of construction and that enables us to provides complete range of services for any size of project.

Madinah Branch Team Members


Mr-Abd allah al ouqeel

Executive Director

Eng Counselor / Reda Amin Aita

General manager

Eng/ Mohamed Hamid Zaki Zahra

Executive manager

Eng/ Maher Abdul Muqtadir Ragheb Al-Afandi

Electrical Engineer

Eng/ Osama Muhammad Al-Adawiya

mechanical engineer

Eng/ Abdullah Khaled Al-Awfi

civil engineer

Eng/ Hassan Ibrahim Mohammed Abu Hashish

Geographical engineer

Prof. Mohammed Syed Hefni Abdel Tawab

Marketing specialist observer

Mr.Mohamed Fathy Abdel Hamid Abu Al-Ela

Public Accountant

Riyadh Branch Team Members


Prof / Faraj Rajab Abdul Ghaffar

General Accountant

Eng / Sumer Ghassan Khalouf

Architectural Engineer

Eng / Salah Judah Mohamed Abdel Hamid

Projects Manager

counselor.Eng / Mohamed Saeed Abdo El-Sayed

Technical Director

Dr.Eng / Muhammad Abdulaziz Muhammad Nassar

Executive Director