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AKNAN provides the planning and scheduling expertise required to take full advantage of modern scheduling techniques, which have resulted from combining construction project planning and management capabilities with modern computer technology.

Scheduling assignments undertaken by AKNAN are performed by construction professionals trained to make full use of up-to-date techniques such as CPM, PERT and PN diagramming as well as old standbys such as Bars or Gantt chart.

EPM works with the owner; design professionals, and contracts to assist in planning and scheduling an orderly, timely, and economical progression of the project.

After work commences, we assist in monitoring the work to insure maximum compliance with the originally contemplated schedule available, computer programs enable us to schedule, to monitor and to report on manpower, material and equipment utilization as well as cost and cash-flow.

In addition AKNAN uses its experience in project planning and scheduling to support the presentation of affirmative claims for additional costs resulting from delays or disruptions.


• Project phasing and planning each phase.
• Scheduling client’s priorities, milestones and long lead items.
• Scheduling of project resources, costs and cash flow.
• Resources leveling, to consider for labor force availability and material deliveries.
• Provide regular progress reports.
• Identify potential time overruns and causes.
• Advise corrective action and assistance to implement the required variations.
• Assistance for delay claims presentations.