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AKNAN provides the technical expertise and practical objectivity to bring about fast and favorable resolution to a variety of construction related claims. We do not practice law nor provide legal advice, but we work with client; s plaintiffs; and defendants; attorneys to assist them with the necessary engineering and construction experience to prepare for the presentation or defense of construction related claims.

We work in parallel with the client; his staff to identify; resolve any disputes that may happen early enough when difficulties; costs associated with changes are at their least.

ANAN assists owners, contractors, subcontractors, and suppliers in preparing,
analyzing, or defending claims for outstanding balances and increased costs
resulting from change in project scope or job delays. In addition to applying the most currently used management techniques, such as critical path scheduling (CPM), and computerized cost analysis to construction claims, we bring the advantage of total objectivity.

Our objectivity in analyzing a claim very often saves much time and money by
eliminating emotionalism and bringing about a quick and equitable settlement
through negotiation.

No matter what strategies or approaches are used to avoid claims, disputes may occur; as projects often fall behind schedule, respectively significant unexpected costs arise raising claims.
When a claim proceeds to arbitration or litigation, we become part of the trial team by preparing exhibits, working with witnesses, and where necessary, testifying.

AKNANs claims & dispute services are:

• Assess & evaluate the technical & contractual situations to determine liability.
• Identifying causes of delay and productivity assessments to point out the effect of the actions of the responsible party / parties on time & cost.
• Evaluating the damages, and their costs.
• Participate in negotiations, arbitrations, litigations, or hearings mandatory to resolve claims & disputes.