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Effective Construction Management is the key to project success. CM is the process of planning, Organizing, Securing &Cost; managing resources in order to successfully complete the project and ensuring that the specific outcome & objectives are met. It requires coordinating effectively with all parties to ensure adherence to scope, management of time, quality, cost; risk which are the main factors necessary for successful project management.
AKNAN provides a total service of CM for building projects, Industrial projects, Civil engineering, Process engineering and other construction projects. The services we provide are tailored to meet individual needs of each client/project. It ranges from specialized assistance amongst in-house teams to full management of the process.

AKNAN manages Projects Scope, Program, Cost, &Quality through the
Project’s different phases as follows:


1. Definition of Tender Packages.
2. Review Design Documents.
3. Preparing a complete set of Tender Documents.
4. Provide Project Master Program; program / cost integration.
5. Monitor progress of design and pre-construction activities.
6. Establish a Procurement Program for long-lead items.
7. Budget Management; Cash flow projections.
8. Review Bill of Quantities (BOQ).
9. Monitor compliance of plans and specifications.


1. Identify short list of contractors.
2. Pre-qualifications of contractors for Tendering.
3. Completion of tenders & Negotiations with Contractors.
4. Preparation of Construction contracts.


1. Contract management.
2. Design changes management.
3. Project Time management.
4. Monitoring and documenting project delays and it's causes.
5. Controlling project budget / cash flow.
6. Project communications management.

4. Close – out phase

1. Review final certification of payment.
2. Coordinate and monitor testing of Equipment.
3. Preparation of a list of defects.
4. Obtain and review as-Built Documents.
5. Close-out Report.

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