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The Hadith Narrators Museum Competition

In Adminstrative & commerical Facilities KSA

 Project  name:

The Hadith Narrators Museum Competition


Al- Madinah – Riyadh

Project Information:

Site Area: 10.000 M2

Cost: 20,000,000$

Project Overview:

The design concept of the project originated from
environmental conditions surrounding the site through the
influence and attraction of the spiritual poles affecting the project idea and function. As the project is a museum for Hadeeth narrators of the Messenger of Allah (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him).
In the design of the project, it was decided to separate
between the museum’s Exhibit area, the educational zone and the museum garden, thus giving the visitor the
opportunity to enter the main entrance, the freedom of choice in his destination (museum exhibition – educational area – exit directly to the museum garden) without any defect in the direction He would like.
The design aimed to illustrate the connection between
originality and modernity, using the postmodern architectural style represented in the architectural elements and urban fabric of Al-Madinah as well as the modern architectural style using modern technological means (ceilings, solar panels, large glass surfaces and modern construction methods).