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Services Buildings – Al Sharqiyah University

In Educational Buildings OMAN

 Project  name:

Services Buildings – Al Sharqiyah University



Project Information:

Site Area: 1,500,000 m²

Cost: 93,000,000 $

Project Overview:

The Design Concept was inspired from the Sun and the Symbolic meaning that it represents as the University is considered a source for different Sciences where-as the Faculties are located around the Main University Court forming Radial Lines resembling the Rays of the Sun.
The Central Clock of the University lies just in the center of the Main Court which makes it visible from any direction.
The Hierarchy of the Urban Spaces comes compatible with the Functional and Service Elements for the buildings of the University.
The Forming Elements simulated the Cultural Heritage of the Sultanate in a Contemporary way which produced a beautiful Urban Image.
The Main Services are distributed in a way suitable for their Functions and along the Main Circulation Axes to provide easy access to the Services Buildings.